Nowadays parents work, our children are more independent and it is helpful to have specific information for daily concerns which worry us, as much as in the preventative aspect, as well as therapeutically, in the various stages of our children's lives.

I would like to help you access all of this information.


Workshops lasting 1 ½ - 2 hours, with PowerPoint presentation, interactive discussions and the opportunity to resolve any doubts.


  • Child Emotional Development: Tantrums, sleep and food. What do I do when my child has a tantrum? And doesn't sleep? And won't eat? By understanding their development we can manage all of these situations.
  • My child doesn't want to eat!: What do you do when meal times become a constant battle? Let us learn strategies on how to manage these situations.
  • My child doesn't sleep!: We will learn techniques on how to cope with sleep problems and create a good bedtime routine.
  • Feeding pre-school children: Do we feed our children properly? Do we know what foods are essential in a balanced diet and what foods we should avoid to create a habit of healthy eating in our children from 2-5 years old?
  • Feeding in the First Year: When should I introduce new foods? What foods can I give my child?
  • Healthy diet for school age children and managing eating disorders: We must detect these problems as soon as possible and recognise the warning signs. In order to do this we must know what a healthy diet is from the age of 6.
  • Obesity: Are we, as parents, good role models with our own eating habits? Nowadays obesity is an epidemic, we will learn how to prevent it, and how to manage it. This workshop includes information on healthy eating, physical exercise and a healthy shopping basket of food.
  • Common illnesses in toddlers up to the age of 2: How do I deal with common illnesses? These incidents can be very exhausting. We learn management of their treatment, how to prevent them, and warning signs for when to go to A&E.
  • First Aid before seeking emergency paediatric treatment: What do I do if my child has a fit, burns himself, has high temperature, chokes etc? In this workshop we will learn what to do in these situations, and when we should go to A&E. There will be practical sessions using infant and child dummies. We will also have practical resuscitation sessions using adult dummies, as well as the use of a defibrillator, which currently can be found in a number of shopping centres.
  • The transition from School to College: Adolescents go through important changes at this stage. Let us learn them! And let us help them become mature adults. In this talk we will learn how adolescents feel. We will discuss areas such as disobedience, lies etc.
  • Adolescence, drugs and the family: How can I help my child through this stage? Parents are fundamental at this stage of life. We learn about the changes which take place, and how to avoid addiction problems.

I am at your disposal to cover any other healthcare subjects which you would be interested in, or would like further information, about.